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Posted on 15.12.2021
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All That You Need To Know About The Popular Sports In Australia

When it comes to activities like sports, almost every country loves it including Australia. This country is said to be rich in cultural values and therefore celebrates every success gained by its country in sports. Thus, the best part is, here even the young talents who are passionate enough about sports are given a chance to prove themselves.

Here we are going to talk about the most popular sports of Australia:

Rugby League

The rugby league got started in the year 1908. It is one of the fastest-growing sports in Australia and the most searched one on the internet. Around 466,182 players have played this game to date. 


This is the second most popular sport in Australia. Around 1 million players have played this game. Basketball participation has been increasing due to the influence of the NBA and amongst them are the National Basketball leagues in Australia. It was first played in 1897, where it became popular in the parts of Australia like Victoria 


Tennis is a favorite sport of every Australian. It is the tournaments like the Australian Open, where we get the best tennis players who can play for Australia. In 2019, This Australian Open Final was attended by around 7, 96,435 people which was way more than the year before. When it comes to its viewers, around 1.58 million people viewed the Men’s final whereas 1 million watched the women’s final.


It was a century ago when soccer was introduced in Australia. Since then, the number of viewers has been increasing every year. It is the most-watched outdoor sport. In 2015, the game, which happened between Real Madrid and Manchester United, had around 99,000 attendees.

Rugby Union

This sport is much different from the Rugby League. It is played by 15 players and is also different when it comes to tackling. This game had started in the 19 century and has been played by around 86,952 players.


It was first started in the year 1839, and is the most favourite sport of Australia. There is a Golf event in Australia, which is called the PGA tour of Australia. It has many good players from all over the world playing this game. 

National Rugby League

This is no different from the rugby league and has male teams playing this game from both Australia and New Zealand.

American Football

Around 2500 players (in 73 different teams) have played this game. These Australians also play for the National Football League in America.


Cricket started in the year 1803. It has been played and viewed by millions of people, especially in 2015 where Australia defeated New Zealand in the World cup.

Australian Rules football

It is one of the most popular sports in Australia since the 19th century. Eighteen players in a team play this game. As per the records, around 1,404, 176 players have played this game. 

Adults and kids can play these games too. Australian sports camp offers fun and interactive sports coaching camps for kids during their summer holidays.  

Everything About Australia’s Sports Culture

For Australians, sports play a significant role in their culture. They consider sport like a religion rather than an activity. One can easily observe this fact by the number of people who participate in sports, attend sports events, or view sports on their television. That is why even with a smaller population, Australia performs significantly in international sports.

Let us see some factors that contribute to sports in Australian culture.


The warm climate of Australia also is supportive of sports by encouraging people to get outdoors and keep them active. Regular participation in sports and physical activities help people here to stay healthy, happy, and also to be more productive.

Peace And Honesty

Australians value honesty and are united in their desire. They want people to be fair with one another. Sports also help focus the values of egalitarianism (i.e., all people are equal) and mateship.

Moreover, they value fair play and enjoy contributing fair play on the sporting field. If any player tries to cheat on the field, it is often rebuked for being un-Australian.

Role Models

To motivate sports in the younger generation, especially among women, children, and the disabled, role model programs are often used. It helps not only to promote sports participation but also promotes positive health and lifestyle messages.

They also believe that people in our direct circle like teachers, coaches, family members can make a greater impact as role models.

Community Pride

In Australia, sports play an important role not only in rural areas but also in remote places. Governments, sports organizations, and individuals understand their role and take initiatives like hosting sporting events, providing opportunities for physical activities that help improve economic stimulus and community pride.

Supporting Athletes

High-performance athletes can't succeed in sports when they are financially weak to take care of their training regime and other things needed for success. When they get financial support, they can focus on full-time training and prepare for the competition.

Australian government boosts high-performance sports by providing significant investment and also encourages athletes by providing whatever support they need to represent the country in the international arena.


One of the main reasons for Australians to participate in sports is to maintain their physical fitness. Other than that people love to participate to have fun and improve mental health. Moreover, physical activities also give chances to get actively involved in social groups and having more friends.

Global Events

Australians are proud of their people that represent their country in global events like the Olympics, Paralympic, and Commonwealth Games, though they are not interested in sports. Every global event is considered a great opportunity to get Australians more active and involved in sports.

Though they don’t want to participate in sports, they love to volunteer in any sports activities. By doing this, they get the happiness of being a part of the sports community and enjoy the many benefits thereof.

Australians are passionate about sports and every form of sport is played in some part of the country. That is also one important aspect that contributes to the country’s success in international sports. They consider famous players as heroes and have even erected museums for them.


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