What is SEO, in simple terms?

Posted on 21.07.2021
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SEO (search engine optimization), in basic simple terms it is website content and coding optimization. It needed to make your website user-friendly for search engines algorithms and help them to find you through the billions of other content on the internet.

What does SEO Company do?

The role of SEO company is to turn the coding and content of your website above your direct competitors, and adjust it to the point that increases the possibility of website’s pages appearing in search engine results pages (SERPS) as a response when a user makes a search request by typing a keyword.

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SEO Company Offers Array Of Services To Gain Visibility And ROI

Search Engine Optimization firms offer SEO services that help businesses rank top on Google searches. With correct SEO efforts, your business can increase its presence and visibility across the worldwide platform. Companies concentrate on search results associated with their niche, products, or services. 

For example, a carpet cleaning company can use SEO for searches like residential carpet cleaners or carpet cleaners in Sydney to rank on top. Google depends on 200+ factors to determine the ranking of a website, so it needs a considerable amount of knowledge and aptitude to be successful at SEO.

If you plan to hire a professional SEO company, then here are the arrays of services they generally offer.


On-page optimization

It is a crucial component of SEO and the experts concentrate on the following:

  • Creating sitemap
  • Updating H1-H6 meta tags, meta titles, and Meta descriptions is crucial for search.
  • Optimize site images to ensure best practices.
  • Audit sites layout, internal linking structure, and redirects.
  • Analyze usability, design, and speed.
  • Research & optimize your site with relevant and valuable keywords.


Off-page optimization includes enhancing external factors that influence your Google ranking. For example, a backlink profile shapes your ranking, so the experts ensure that you get quality backlinks. Off-page optimization includes the following:

  • Developing interesting, engaging, and shareable content.
  • Promoting website content to webmasters and bloggers.
  • Optimizing GMB profile.
  • Monitoring company mentions on social media.

Customized strategy

A customized SEO strategy is a core element of SEO. With a personalized approach, your business can increase its ROI from SEO investment. It means more leads, conversions, and sales. Therefore, make sure to partner with SEO consultants that offer customized strategies.

Competitor analysis

Competitor analysis is essential because you can leverage competitors vulnerabilities. Therefore, competitor analysis needs to be included in your search engine optimization strategy. The experts evaluate your competitors consistently to identify opportunities and what is really working for them. It is a proactive approach that helps to stay ahead of the competition.

SEO Website audit

Website audit includes an in-depth study of your existing optimization strategy to identify strengths and weaknesses. Your website is evaluated from an SEO viewpoint and makes adjustments if necessary for improvements. 

SEO Monthly reporting

You desire to hire an SEO agency that is trustworthy, transparent, and reliable. Monthly reports offer instant insight into the SEO efforts. Monthly reports, review with the team, and discussions allow your business and the partnered SEO experts to stay in sync.

Social media management

Social media has become a huge element of online businesses. You need to build effective strategies and oversee many social media profiles to stay on top or find new opportunities for business growth. Social media followers grow and there is a need for powerful management to build well-organized workflows that deliver results. SEO professionals are well experienced in determining accurate social media channels, target audience analysis, and usage of advanced SMM tools. 

Progressive optimization

Search engine optimization is an ongoing process. You consistently collaborate with the SEO firm. Progressive optimization means even after your website fulfills the SEO standards, the professionals continue to uncover ways of enhancing your Google ranking and ROI. 

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