How Expensive It Is To Play Golf in Australia

Posted on 02.03.2022
How Expensive It Is To Play Golf in Australia image

Although some people thought golf was just a leisure game, it is also an exercise. You practice
walking, strength training, and balance as you do this sport. The problem is it can be too
expensive for you to play!

Before making golf your hobby, you need to prepare a few things first. It would be best to have a
golf kit and equipment, attire, golf club membership, accessories and lessons, and trainers.

Golf Kit and Equipment

golf tools

Golf kits are estimated to cost you around 300-400 AUD for a second-hand set and about 500-
750 AUD for brand new ones. The collection includes golf clubs of different types like putters,
driver and fairway wood golf clubs, wedges, and iron and hybrid clubs. It also includes golf
balls, tees, ball markers, and repair tools. You might also need other accessories such as
rangefinders which cost you around 300 AUD, and a buggy for another 100 AUD.

Golf Attire

Golf Attire

It would be best to prepare 100AUD for your clothing, such as a pair of golf shorts and some
affordable polo shirts. Some wish to add a belt, a cap, and a pullover to their attire. For those,
add another 100 AUD. You also need golf shoes for another 150 AUD and golf gloves for
around 30 AUD.

Golf Club Memberships

golf club field

Club membership is the highest of all the costs you need to expend for such a hobby. In general,
a playing member will cost around 1200 AUD to 1500 AUD for joining and around 800 AUD
for yearly payment. It also depends on where you plan to play.

Lessons and Trainers

Individual classes help improve your whole game, and the instructor can devote their full
attention to you and your golf game. A private session might cost anything from 25 AUD for half
an hour to 100 AUD or more for an hour.

All of these costs will make you think if golf is for you. Try some golf simulators to gauge
whether golf will be a sustainable hobby for you.
Golf simulators are getting more realistic as technology progresses, and they offer players a
credible alternative to playing actual golf. They can even provide advantages that traditional golf

Take, for example, Garmin Approach R10 Golf Simulator. At its core, the R10 is a launch
monitor that records different club and ball data characteristics to help you improve your swing
consistency. It means that you can practice golfing even if you are still not on a golf course.

golf lessons

Released in 2021, the R10 was the first launch monitor to measure specific club path information
that you could previously only acquire in $1800+ models. It was also the first launch monitor in
its price range to feature golf simulation capabilities.

Given its cost, the Approach R10 is just a beast. It has good accuracy for the most part. While
there is potential for development in a few areas, notably indoor performance, Garmin will
continue to enhance the R10 with updates for years to come.

The simulator can decrease your expenses as you learn how to play the sport. Simulators are a
great alternative as you have yet to gauge if you want to commit and make it a hobby of yours.

Whatever you choose, playing golf is expensive, and you need to prepare yourself for it.

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