Finding Right Phone Cover That Fits Your Style

Posted on 12.04.2022
Finding Right Phone Cover That Fits Your Style image

Types of Phone Cases - Get the Right Phone Cover That Fits Your Style

Smartphones are no more a luxury or glamorous accessories that one owns. They are the need of every teenager, homemaker, working man and woman, and more. These phones are not cheap and need proper care and maintenance. Thus, it is important that you protect it using a durable and innovative phone case

When looking for a phone case that suits your lifestyle and purpose, you need to consider a few things like protection, color, material cost, and durability. Phone cases are available in different styles, materials, and functionality. You can even find out eco-friendly phone cases made from sustainable materials. Before making a purchase, you need to decide what features want in your new phone case.

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Factors to Consider While Making a Purchase

  • Protection Matters – Make sure you can protect your phone entirely with your phone case, including the front, back, and corners.
  • Style - You can create a custom style for your phone brand either it may look glossy or classic matte. 
  • Screen Protection - You can choose a phone case to protect your phone from fingerprints and scratches.
  • Colors – Think about colors like Pantone, neon color, pastel, hombre, and watercolor, or integrate custom colors. Customization and Personalization - You can print a company logo or image. 

You can Google for the best quality phone cover in the market for your trendy iPhone or Android online. Also, you can choose any case you want according to your range and needs. It can be a protective cover with aesthetic looks or a water-resistant option. You could also opt for biodegradable, silicon cases, and wallet cases.

Types Of Phone Cases

Hard Phone Case

hard phone case

It gives shell-like protection to your device.

You can go for customized cases with a company logo.


Gel/TPU Phone Cases

They are usually slim, plastic, and lightweight.

Its properties include elasticity, transparency, and resistance to oils and liquids.

It will protect the sidewalls and back of the phone.

Silicone Phone Cases

silicon phone case

This is an early phone model.

These are soft, sticky, and grip the surface.

They are popular with a matte finish and are lightweight.

Tough Phone Cases

Depending on how and where you will use the phone, you can go for this case.

People in the construction industry are more likely to use these tough phone cases.

Wallet Phone Cases

wallet phone case

These are popular and double in size with a wallet and phone case.

These are trendy and can store 1-4 cards in size.

Leather Phone Cases

Higher-end phone cases are available in multiple colors.

These phone cases are made from leather without polycarbonate plastics.

Flip Phone Cases

They are wallet style.

Flips vertically from top to bottom.

It is available in leather style, protection from all sides, and multiple colors.

Not as popular as the wallet style.

Phone Skins

These are not phone cases and are less protective.

They look simple, beautiful, and protect from scratches.

They are available in different designs with vinyl, matte, or gloss finishes.

other types phone cases

Phones have become part of our day-to-day life which you need to protect and decorate because of their importance. You can order a brand new phone case for your friend or a loved one and surprise them. 

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