Preparation for Your Home Painting.

Posted on 06.05.2022
Preparation for Your Home Painting. image

Planing house painting and the steps you have to take for it.

Painting the home is a project that you must consider after every few years so that you can improve the curb appeal of your house and also it will offer you a chance to do an overall cleaning.

Okay, let us suppose, you have made your wise decision to finally invest in a certain professional painter who is going to take up the job of painting your home. Then the next steps should be fairly simple.

Now you need to get a quote and book your selected painter for painting your house. As usual, they will come with their equipment, and start doing the painting, right?

No, it is wrong!

Your professional painter is responsible for only getting your house painted as quickly as possible as per the chosen colours that you asked him to do. How to get your home ready for painting is not his responsibility.

Besides ordering for painting, you also need to plan it well as there can be many surprises if you have missed any important steps for this project. So, how should you prepare yourself and also your family before going for the painting of your whole house?

Let us share a few tips based on our experience of painting many houses over the years.

  1. Check the condition of the existing painting

Before taking up the project give a hard look at your existing painting condition and how much has it deteriorated. Take the help of the painting professional and make a list of things that you need to do based on the present conditions of the walls.  This will be your starting point.

  1. Think about your pets and children

When your whole house will be repainted, there will be a lot of movement of people and different equipment. It will not be too safe for your children and pets to be present in the area. Therefore, think about relocating them to a certain safe place to avoid any mishap.

  1. Clean the surrounding area

If there are bushes around your home then get them cleaned. If the tree branches are touching your home then you must get them cut so that there is no obstruction for the crews who are going to paint the walls. Ensure that all the areas are free from any obstacles and provide free movement of people.

  1. Clean the surface

You need to wash thoroughly any dirt, dust, chalky residue, or mould present on the wall surface as any contaminants present on the wall can prevent proper adhesion of your new paint.

Use a high-pressure water jet to clean a larger area of the wall. If your garden hose does not offer enough pressure then arrange for a certain pressure washer.

  1. Make your colour choice

Sit with your family and decide what colours you will prefer to give to different rooms and also the exterior areas. While deciding on the exterior paint colour also consider the surrounding houses, so that your exterior painting must match or complement other houses in that area.  

  1. List out the items

Now sit with your painting contractor and decide what are all the materials and other items needed for the complete painting of your home. All the equipment needed will be the responsibility of the contractor, but you have to provide a necessary space to store them when they are not in use.

  1. Consider the weather forecast

Always prefer to choose the season when there is no possibility of rain or snow. Also, an extremely hot climate can dry out the paint too fast.

However, weather often can be too unpredictable so far as rain is concerned. Therefore, you must also check the weather forecast report and choose the safe days to start your project.

  1. Select the right product

It is essential that you select a quality product. Your paint selected must withstand the Australian weather. Do a little research and read the online review about various paint company products before you buy them.

You should not be regretting after taking all the trouble for a few days during the time painting will continue when your normal life will remain disturbed.

  1. Stay safe

During the time, when painting work will be in progress there will be a lot of movements of the painting crews. All your stuff in your home should be properly protected to avoid loss or damage.

Keep your family in a safe place to avoid any accidents. Make sure that overhead power lines do not obstruct the movement of ladders.

  1. Clean the room

After the painting work is completed get all the rooms thoroughly cleaned before you bring back all the stuff in the room.

While making preparation for painting of your house you must ensure that there is nothing blocking the movement of people. You must also inform your neighbours about your project beforehand.

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