Inspirational Home Décor Styles And Trends For 2022

Posted on 06.05.2022
Inspirational Home Décor Styles And Trends For 2022 image

The latest trends in home decoration

Home is not just a space where you store things and sleep but is a sanctuary, a place where you disconnect and relax. Everyone has their unique style, preference, and personality. It is significant to make sure that your home's interiors reflect it.

Home décor is not just pretty things but gives your space an upgraded and complete look. Trends fluctuate often but in general interior design ideas are based on comfort and convenience. In the last couple of years people are spending more time indoors, so watch out for a blend of modern, natural, and vintage items in 2022. Here are some Australian home interior styles and trends that are inspirational and suit every home type. 

Natural tones

For the past several years, COVID-19 or not, neutral hues have entered the homes. They range from earthy wall prints to monochromatic neutral loungewear---these colors keep everyone feeling calm and down to earth. Way to decorate the rooms with earth-toned throws and pillows, wall prints with natural shapes, and more designer pieces.

Welcome vintage

Items and furniture that look worn and lived in, make everyone feel comfy. Choose items with cool colors and sleek lines.

Calm tones

Everyone desires to have a serene and peaceful home. Choose soothing and calm tones and decorative pieces. The décor chosen for the room must add serenity, for example, a cozy throw adds texture to the couch, and planters can add nature to the space.

Walls & hues

Choose earthy tones instead of white walls. Heritage pastels and colors when blended with beiges and browns can create a cherishing feel. Contemporary shades of yellow and blue define tradition but with a sophisticated touch. 

Smart lighting

A stylish and well-designed lighting solution adds function to the rooms. For example, a Point floor lamp with an integrated switch allows setting brightness to dimness level in the living room with a tap. 

Indoor plants 

In Australian homes, indoor plants are indispensable for several years to come. According to a report, more than 55% of Australians wish to bring nature inside their house. 

Grandmillenial ambiance

Grandmillenial style comprises inspiration from the grandmother era that suits a modern home. Showcase retro decorations, busy patterns, and frills. This trend is eco-friendly because it revives old items. 

Decorating ideas for each room

  • For the living room – Set a space for lazing and sprawling. Choose a throw and plush cushion designed for comfort during the day as well as at night. Create a reading corner including an armchair, floor lamp, and a table to store great books tempting to get immersed in reading a mystery!
  • For bedroom – Choose stylish and functional table lamps for the bedroom. They must be ideal as night lights or late evening read. For visual, add a couple of vases [with or without flowers] on the bedside tables.
  • For kitchen – Open shelves in the kitchen are functional and can display your crockery collection. Interesting objects and pretty trays can add an accent to the kitchen counter. They are even useful for serving!
  • For the dining room – Choose a dining table and chair in light-colored wood. It can blend well with any theme. Besides light color wood are uplifting, enlightening, and cozy with plush accessories and the ideal rug. On the dining table create a centerpiece with vases of different heights. Choose any material ranging from ceramic to glass but the hues have to be the same. Small objects will certainly add style to the dining arrangement. 
  • For the home office – Add planters and pots for extra inspiration. A standalone item with bright hues can brighten the home office space.
  • For the kid’s room – Add decorative and functional wall light. Add storage like cabinets and drawers to keep the clutter hidden. Add hooks for clothes and toys. 

Remember to create a home atmosphere where you feel relaxed and calm even if the space is not generous [small space]. Choose items like wall arts, vases, plant holders, cushions, and lightings that reflect your taste and style!

Tips to update Australian home within a budget

  • Cover old appliances and furniture with vinyl or contact paper to refresh the look.
  • Paint the doorway with a contrasting hue from the remaining home.
  • Create a gallery wall hanging some wall art or statement pieces.
  • Dress up [spray paint] the ordinary old doormat with sayings.
  • Liven up countertops or flooring with peel & stick tiles.

Make home YOURS by adding items you adore and will last long. Home accessories differ. It is also an umbrella term that includes an extensive range of items.

Make sure to talk with interior designers who can recommend items that keep the theme consistent in every room. Each room has its personality, so be bold and allow every room to communicate its individual personality as well as keep the same theme moving. It will be – same, same yet different!

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