Oil Paintings Can Bring Life to the Boring Walls in Your Home

Posted on 11.05.2022
Oil Paintings Can Bring Life to the Boring Walls in Your Home image

If you have just bought a new house and are thinking to invest in paintings, then oil paintings might be the best option for you. Yes, they are expensive but think of them as a long-term investment.

Oil Paintings Are Exquisite

If you know art, you might know the effect that oil paintings have on their viewers. They bring out the essence of the works leaving everyone in fascination. Many artists prefer to opt for oil paintings as they can work on different styles and strokes.

Oil paintings have been popular over the centuries. Many famous paintings from renowned artists can be seen in museums or at exhibitions. These masterpieces when displayed in your homes are sure to enhance the appeal of your home.

Some artist use oil paintings as a popular medium for their works. If you are looking for paintings to gift to your loved ones or for your purpose, you can check out Lana’s artworks. She has a variety of paintings up for sale and if you are looking for something personal or unique, you can always contact Lana with your requirements.

She has participated in many art exhibitions and some of her works have been represented in different categories. She has even won a Highly Commended Award for her portrait artwork “Sunny Bunny”

Now you might wonder why so much hype over oil paintings. One, oil paintings are considered a status factor for many. Not all can afford original oil paintings. Secondly, they have a unique aura around them. Even if you do not know art, looking at any paintings will leave you in awe.

You need not have to visit art galleries or exhibitions to purchase oil paintings. Many artists have online galleries wherein they display their works, and you can go ahead and purchase any paintings of your choice.

Selecting the Right Painting for Your Home

If you have done your research, then you might know that oil painting is more expensive than other mediums. The reason is:

  • Oil paint is a mix of dry oil and pigment
  • A lot of time and effort is spent in mixing the right proportion of oil and paint to form the right texture
  • Artists need to be cautious on how to use oil paints in their artwork and pay attention to minute details
  • All artists need to follow the thin to thick rule while using oil paints
  • Oil paintings take about a year to dry
  • A varnish coat is then used as a protective layer over the paintings

Now not oil paintings might be the right choice for you. There are certain factors that you might want to take into consideration when choosing oil paintings for your home:

  • Choose oil paintings as per the theme of your room
  • The paintings should coordinate with the colours and patterns of your home
  • You can opt for a mix of traditional, contemporary, and modern styles
  • Choose the size of the painting as per your wall size


Oil paintings are sure to brighten up your mood. They will make you feel motivated and help you stay positive throughout the day.

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