Cracked Phone Screen Fixing Tips

Posted on 13.09.2021
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Do You Want To Fix Your Cracked Phone Screen?

We've all had cracked phone screens at least once in our life. It could be because of the slip and fall or kids tossing it around. Although there are many repair stores to get the cracked phone screen fix or changed, it is always better to know how to do it yourself and save a few hundred dollars. 

Most of the time, the display is still working, and your touchscreen controls are ok, even when the screen is cracked. You'll not be able to use your phone properly, which is why you might want to know how to repair a phone screen. In this post, we've discussed a few tips and tricks that can help you fix them. 

However, whenever your phone screen is cracked, first contact your insurance company and find out whether they will cover the cost of its repair or replacement. That can save you from spending money on the repair. If that does not work out, then the following ideas can be considered.

How can you fix the cracked screen of the smartphone?

1.     Use super glue

You can use cyanoacrylate glue, better known also as superglue, can seal small cracks. Try to use a very little quantity, and carefully wipe the excess glue using a cloth or cotton swab. 

If your touch screen is still working, then you may want to replace the glass merely by paying $10 to $20. You'll need to choose and use the tools depending upon the type of smartphone you are using. 

2.     Use packing tape

You can cut out a few small pieces of packing tape and then place it just over the area where it has cracked. If the damage has taken place along the side of the phone, then use an X-Acto knife for trimming the tape.

3.     Ask the manufacturer to repair it

In case your phone is under warranty, then your smartphone manufacturer will replace your device without charging anything. However, if your warranty period has expired, your manufacturer will still fix it for a fee. 

The majority of manufacturer’s warranties may not cover any accidental damages, but you can buy secondary warranties that will take care of that too.

4.     Ask the mobile carrier to repair it

Often mobile providers offer to repair any phone at a much-discounted price to their customers. You may want to call customer support and speak to them or visit the local store for assistance.

5.     Take it to any repair shop

Based on the model of your smartphone, replacing a screen may cost you anything between $50 and $200. In case your touchscreen isn't working at all, then the charges will be a little more. 

6.     Trade-in your phone

If your smartphone is too old and already it is due for an up-gradation, then you can also exchange your broken smartphone and use the money that you get from it to buy a new one.

There are several websites that will trade in old mobile phones and offer you a new one.

As a piece of advice to avoid phone screen damage

Make sure you keep your phone well protected. A propper safe phone cover can save your phone screen from unnecessary damage and as a result, save you money for its repair. You will find many different phone covers In online shops that suit your style and budget. 

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