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Price request
Price request
We need to remove a tree from our backyard. the ree is quite high and over 2.5 meters. need it done ASAP
11 months ago
before 22.09.2021
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Price & Rates
Price & Rates
Request free quotes and get offers from local businesses.
Wright or read reviews for local businesses and services.
Local businesses
Local businesses
Explore directories to connect with businesses in your area.
Hot Deals
Hot Deals
Check latest sales and special offers. Grab a deal

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For Customers

Find local companies and professionals for pretty much anything. When you need something done – a carpet cleaning, walking a dog, or find a DJ, – BLEEN finds them for you for free.
Whatever you need
Search for pretty much anything. BLEEN is your local online directory. Using our platform you can connect to local businesses and services in no time.
Connect to Local companies
Browse the extensive local business directory list. Filter you’re your preferences. Check for their ratings and reviews, experiences, job examples. Phone, email, and get directions or hire them via BLEEN
What’s On Sale Today
Find the deals and limited-time special offers all in one place. Find the latest sale on products and services, grab discount coupons from local shops and cafes.
Your voice is count
Liked it or not, do put your review for a service or company you dealt with. Help others to make the right choice and rate local business.
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For business

BLEEN helps you to get more leads with a daily stream of customers searching for experts like yourself. Whether you are a shop, local business, or tradie, there is a possibility to grow your business here.
Your reputation
Customer reviews play an important role within your business. It is a leading indicator to measure customer loyalty and identify unhappy customers. A strong profile rating is also a key point of differentiation that helps you to attract new customers in competitive business environments.
Online presence
Having a solid digital appearance can not only increase consumer awareness, but it can also help to grow your brand by building up your credibility.
Easy FREE registration
It is simple to join BLEEN. Just create an account, verify your email, add your portfolio, and let the customers find you.
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