A Few Signs to Know That You Need an Arborist

Posted on 19.07.2021
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What are the Arborist, meaning and what do they do?

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Arborists are tree experts who can maintain shrubs and tree branches through trimming and pruning them, to avoid any hazards. These professionals can diagnose disease and treat trees as requires. arborists are qualified trained professionals who have studied how to plant, maintain and, care for trees, shrubs, and other plants. Their specialties are in all species of trees and shrubs offer professional expertise and advice to grow and keep trees.

When do you need to call an arborist for professional advice?

If you are a homeowner, then you must take proper care of all the trees available on your property. You must ensure that their health and aesthetic appearance are always properly taken care of. Therefore, naturally, a question may arise whether you should hire a tree surgeon to do these jobs or do it in a DIY way.
The following are a few signs that your tree is structurally unsound and needs proper attention or tree removal.
  • Dead limbs that must be immediately removed
  • Cavities, cracks, and splits are the sign that the tree is about to fall.
  • Cankers are mostly caused due to disease or wounds that can weaken the trunk
  • Rotten wood along its trunk is a sign of tree decay
  • Mushrooms/fungi growing around the tree base is a sign of a stressed tree.
  • If you notice a mound, which is a sign that your tree has root problems
  • Branch unions that form a strong “v” means a weak connection
  • If leaves are falling off during the wrong season of the year then it is a stressed tree
  • Root damage from pavements
  • Unbalanced trees due to weight

When do you need the service of an arborist?

Keeping all your trees safe will be the property owner’s responsibility. However, if you ever notice any of the following signs then you must seek the service of an arborist to make an assessment.

1. You are selling your property

While selling the property it is necessary to hire an arborist to clear all the trees.

2. Your tree is making lots of noises

Often strange sounds produced by trees indicate certain problems and hence need an arborist.

3. Leaves on your trees are discoloured

Often tree leaves may be discoloured due to lack of water or certain disease.

4. Mushrooms on your tree

The presence of mushrooms is an indication of a bigger problem on the tree.

5. Your tree is rapidly growing

If your tree is growing up too rapidly then it may need stump removal sooner than later. An arborist can decide that.

6. You want to remove the tree

If for some reason, you need tree removal then you need to call them.

7. Your tree has to be spruced up

If your tree has many dead limbs then it must be spruced up.

How to select the best arborist?

You must be very choosy and also exercise all caution when you are choosing an arborist. Hiring the right arborist tree can often be really a nightmarish experience. A wrong person can do more harm rather than doing any good. The following are a few things, you must check to select the best arborist.
  • Qualification - Make sure that the arborist has at least a certificate III in arboriculture.
  • Experience - You must ensure that the arborist has a minimum of 3 to 4 years of experience.
  • Insurance - You must ask for insurance proof before hiring one.
  • Knowledge - By discussing the need of the tree, you can judge the knowledge of the arborist.
  • Attire - Make sure that the person is well dressed, clean, and has a presentable appearance.

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