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Posted on 03.08.2023
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All that You Will Need In Your Driveways

Although driveways are never planned or thought about while making any building, however, this is one of the very important parts of any building. As in every building, there are going to be a few vehicles to be parked and hence the overall appearance of the property looks good if the driveways are properly designed.

If it is your own home, then surely you would like to offer a good appearance to your home. Hence, unless in your driveways, you do not use the right type of materials and do not consider well about its curb appeal, the aesthetic appeal of your home will not appear to be very good.   

Your driveway will look its best when there will be a certain sense of harmony between your style of the home with the surrounding landscape. A well-planned driveway can have an influence on the durability, cost, and also maintenance of the driveway.

Also planning of driveways will also depend on things that are buried under them. There can be drainage outlets and cables that might be under the driveways. You will need to have proper provisions to place these things, so that you will not have to break the driveway every time you have to repair the drainage, or when the need arises to add more cables.

Let us, therefore, discuss in this post, what materials you must consider while planning for your driveway. The following are a few materials that are suggested for your driveways.


Driveways made out of concrete can be average-priced but will be very long-lasting. The cost of maintenance of any concrete driveways will be relatively low. Also, it is easy to find and hire experienced concrete honing company.  However, concrete driveways can easily get stained by oils.

If there will be plenty of cars parked on driveways then it may not be the ideal material to select.


The driveways made out of brick are also another popular option in most Australian affluent homes. It is possible to create a certain pattern by suitably using the bricks. Such driveways can offer good aesthetics and can be cleaned with pressurized water.

However, the downside is that the level of the driveways may become uneven in the long run.


Many people prefer asphdriveways as they can be solid, weather-resistant, cost-effective, and also long-lasting. However, asphdriveways may not be a very good-looking option particularly when the driveway starts getting cracked.


Bluestone driveways can be extremely elegant-looking and come in various sizes and shapes and can offer many different appearances. As they can be cut into tiles, crushed into gravel, for creating intricate pattern.


Gravel driveways can usually be a simple solution for those homeowners who would like to go for DIY ways. If they are framed with a certain concrete edging then can offer a very stylish appearance.

However, gravel driveways need regular maintenance as stones often get carried with tires.

Exposed aggregate

You can create a concrete finish by removing a small layer of concrete from the top to reveal shells, pebbles, stones, and sand close to the surface. With a smooth gravelly surface, the natural colours and textures of the aggregates are highlighted.


For those who love the natural appearance and also want a certain environmentally friendly driveway, a green driveway is an option for them. Here, you can use either a concrete grid along with grass either inside or go for a complete grass surface having a certain plastic base.

The downside of this option is that you have to always keep your grass alive, which may be difficult during hot climate.


By using cobblestone on your driveways, you can offer your home a certain feel of brick but also an older and a little more rustic look. However, cobblestone is a pricey option. The plus point of such driveways would be a small amount of damage, or a certain wear-and-tear to the cobbled drive can offer it more character.


You can find glass driveways that are made using thick glass pieces that will be sealed by using resin. While using glass you will have the freedom to choose different colours and create suitable combinations. Also, it can be recycled particularly if you happen to be a very environmentally conscious person.

Timber sleepers

Another eco-friendly option can be timber where either any new or recycled sleepers are suitably inserted into the soil, mulch, and also with rough concrete pads. Then they can also be combined with gravel to offer a casual and rugged appearance. Such a driveway is an absorbent yet robust driveway.

You will need to hire reliable contractors to build your driveways. It might not be a very high-skilled construction project, but if it is not planned well, it will keep giving you trouble every now and then.

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