Explore The Different Professional Carpet Cleaning Methods.

Posted on 03.08.2023
Explore The Different Professional Carpet Cleaning Methods. image

Make an Educated Decision

Even if you are committed to vacuuming your carpet regularly there are times when something accidentally drops on the carpet leaving nasty stains. Hiring professional carpet cleaners is a wise choice because to work with carpets you need knowledge about how to clean your rug type. Each carpet differs in quality, texture, and thickness. Professionals have the knowledge and equipment needs to clean different carpet types, which lessens the risk of rug fiber damage. 

There is a lot of information floating on the internet about carpet cleaning but it takes extensive technical knowledge and experience to clean carpet professionally. It is therefore essential to hire expert carpet cleaners to maintain the shape and hygiene of your expensive rugs. In this post, let’s explore the different carpet cleaning methods professionals employ. It can help to choose an appropriate method suitable for your rug cleaning needs.

Hot water extraction 

A cleaning agent is applied to the target area with a brush to break the dirt. The cleaning agent is offered some time to work on the grime and stains. Hot water is forced on the carpet surface at high pressure, which penetrates deep and breaks the dirt and allergens located at the bottom layer. A vacuum is then used to extract the hot water. It takes some time for the carpet to completely dry.

Steam cleaning

In steam cleaning, all the water is converted into a hot team, so there is less use of water than the hot water extraction technique. Steam is sprayed with high pressure, which loosens dirt and grime. The vacuum process forces the soiling and bacteria out through suction. After steam cleaning the carpet becomes anti-allergic as dust mites, fungus, and bacteria are killed. 

Dry powder

Both the above are wet techniques but you can even opt for dry powder cleaning. An absorptive material holding solvent, detergent, and a little water make up the dry powder. It is sprinkled across the carpet using the rotating machine and left for 25 to 30 minutes. Vacuum is used to suck the loosened dirt, grime, and even allergens. 


Preconditioning agents are applied during hot extraction or steam cleaning procedure. It receives enough time to bond with stubborn soil particles, which can be easily vacuumed. 


The shampoo is spread across the carpet to form foam. It is allowed to dry for 45 to 50 minutes then the carpet is vacuumed. There is residue left, which can make the carpet feel sticky after cleaning. Therefore professionals suggest following foam cleaning with steam cleaning. The carpet will need drying time but dry vacuuming helps to eliminate leftover residue.

Dry foam

It is just like shampooing but the foam is whipped and then applied. It is not liquid like in shampooing. 

Bonnet cleaning

Bonnet cleaning concentrates on the carpet surface. The equipment has a spinning pad, which is soaked in liquid cleaners. It polishes the surface removing grime and done. It fulfills the spruce-up needs, especially in commercial businesses and hotels. It takes a noticeable difference in the appearance of the carpet but needs repeat treatment sooner. 


Synthetic foam detergent is spread using a brush machine. Foam crystallizes into powder form encapsulating dirt and grime residing in the carpet. A vacuum machine is used to suck the powder along with dust and dirt. This method is preferred over-shampooing because no residue is less behind. The time taken to dry is less as well as less water is used.

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