Preparation and Method of Sanding and Polishing Done by Professionals

Posted on 03.08.2023
Preparation and Method of Sanding and Polishing Done by Professionals image

Sanding and polishing are two important methods of keeping your hardwood floor maintained. You can either use both techniques and just one. It depends on the condition of the hardwood flooring.


Polishing, as the word suggests, is to bring back shine on the floor, but of course, without making it slippery. Whether you use wax, varnish, or polish, it just coats a shine on the floor, but doesn’t penetrate the timber flooring. It may not be the best method to use, but when new floors are polished after being treated they provide a different glow.


Sanding helps in restoring damaged floors. It removes all unhealthy dry wood. By scraping with sandpaper, you remove the top layer of timber. This top layer is already dried uneven containing dirt and allergens. So, removing it will bring back a healthy and smooth floor. However, minor scratches don’t require sanding they can be handled with varnish.

When sanding and polishing are done together, the durability and shine lasts longer. Through sanding, extra dried wood is scraped out, and then varnishing is done on fresh flooring.

Preparation Before sanding and polishing

Polishing process contains several methods. Each method has to be completed with care because each process is crucial.

  • First, you need to identify the area that needs special attention. For example, scratches near furniture because it was moved quite often, the areas where pets and kids jump and play.
  • Now, clear the area by removing all furniture, kids, and pets. Scraping involves dirt and wood dust which mixes with the air and kids, adults and pets might inhale it.
  • After evacuating the space, you’ll need to provide ample space for professionals to carry their heavy machinery inside the house. Ensure there is a switchboard where they can plug in their equipment, and give them access to proper lighting and water.

Sanding and Polishing Methods

  • Basic sanding is done through sandpaper which removes the unevenness on the board. This also involves the cupping method of removing unevenness from corners where big machines cannot reach.
  • The second step is Finish Sanding which is a process where the floor has been levelled up through sanding, but the final touch is given to bring it to a position where only polishing is required. This process smooths the sanding marks or scratches with finer sandpapers.
  • Hard plating is done after finish sanding. In this process, a rotary machine is used which has sandpaper at its base, that allows removing minor sanding imperfections which cannot be removed by finishing sanding as well.
  • Orbital sanding is the final touch that is given after hard plating. Both methods solve the same purpose, but using together gives best result.
  • The final step is polishing or buffing the floor. It is done with a rotary machine that is also used for hard plating, but with a flexible and smooth pad attached at the base to polish the floor.

Everybody wants their floor to look clean and sparkling. With time all flooring gets dull. It may consume a lot of your time, but you’ll be glad to see the outcome of your hard work. You can also get professionals for help. With their appropriate tools and equipment, the work can be competed in half the time.

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